Apple It has many suppliers, mostly outside the United States of America and who share one thing in common, they are in countries where labor rights are conspicuous by their absence. We recently talked about another case of labor exploitation that surrounded one of Apple’s camera module makers and we assumed the answer wouldn’t be long in coming.

The Cupertino company has decided to sever its relationship with O-Film, one of its iPhone camera suppliers, due to its recent case of exploitation. We imagine that the brand will look for alternatives or increase production from the rest of the suppliers.

As we know, O-Film has been working with Apple for a little over a year, and as we said, it is in charge of the triple camera module mounted on the iPhone 12 in its Pro version. It works hand in hand with LG Innotek, which is the primary supplier, and then we have O-Film and Sharp as a little more “secondary” suppliers, so to speak. However, in March of this year, which is almost coming to an end, the first news about the problems of O-Film with the labor rights of some of its workers in factories in China, which also affected other important brands in the United States of America.

So in July, the US Department of Commerce decided to include O-Film in a list of Chinese companies implicated in human rights abuses. About 10% of iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max camera modules are from O-Film, while 50% are from LG InnoTek and around 30% are from Sharp. So Apple decided to dispense with O-Film in response to this scandal. We imagine this will not affect iPhone stock for Christmas at all.