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Apple Releases New, Renewable Logic Pro X Updates




Apple has released the 10.5 version of Logic Pro X, its own software The company that produces the music is famous, and confirms that this is the most important update since its release. On paper, the news list undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention.

Among the upgrades compared to version 10.4, Live Loops functionality (already visible in GarageBand for iPad and iPhone), Sampler and Sampler functions, a new set of basic tools and a new iPad and iPhone app have emerged.

Live nails

As we said, it's a feature we've seen in GarageBand before. With Live Loops, the colored grid represents those traps that have been selected to play simultaneously with this sound.

You can touch the images you want and gradually a sequence will be created that you can fake and record. With the iPad it was very easy to use, and we hope it will be the same for the computer to work with samples and recordings quickly.

Sampler and Quick Sampler

Sampler is the new name known as the EXS24 factory plug-in, which has been updated and now has a new interface and new tools that will give your instruments more depth and durability.

On the other hand, with the Instant Sampler you can import recordings, sample or any other sound into the system and quickly convert it into something you can play. You can even import files from Voice Notes.

New tools for making foundations

Logic Pro X version 10.5 also adds a collection of new and updated tools to build original foundations. Specially designed for hip hop and electronic music, the following are outstanding:

  • The Step Sequencer It uses a "music-backed style" to help you build drum bases, bass lines, and melodic parts.
  • The Drum Synth offers a comprehensive set of synthetic sounds that you can modify and push as you please.
  • The Drum Machine Designer It's redistributed so you can easily create drum equipment.

Logic Remote App

Logic Remote is a free app available at App Store which lets you run the Logic program on your Mac from an iPad or iPhone. It's not new (it was released in July 2013), but it's been updated so you can control the new Live Loops function.

Although these four points are the first major feature of the 10.5 version of Logic Pro X, you should know that 2,500 new loops, 1,500 new extensions and further upgrades to the new generation of MacOS and Mac are also included.

Those who have already purchased Logic Pro X will be able to enjoy the upgrade for free. Those who are desperate to find out software € 229.99 must be spent using Mac App Store (or select a something else).


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