Apple releases redesigned update to Apple Store app for iPad 1

The Apple Store is the best store to buy devices from the boys in the neighborhood, a store that gives us the best guarantees in the business, yes, you will probably get another great discount by going to third-party distributors. Are you still interested in Apple Store? Today we bring you some interesting news about it … You can go to the Apple Store in person, or go directly through Apple’s website. We also have the possibility to download the Apple Store App on our devices, an app that also allows us extras

. Now Apple just updated the Apple Store app redesign of its interface for iPad. Keep reading as we give you all the details.

The new version 5.12 comes with changes in the design of the Apple Store for iPad. A new design that could be linked to the boost that Apple wants to give to iPads due to the launch of the latest iPad Pro with an M1 processor. New Apple Store takes advantage of sidebars introduced in iPadOS 14

, now the app integrates seamlessly with the entire iPadOS ecosystem and it looks like it’s just one more menu. In addition, Apple wanted Include changes to the app by adding Today at Apple sessions and a new iPad shopping experience.

In addition to all this, if we are in the process of buying an iPad, through our iPad, we can easily add an Apple Pencil or keyboard to our shopping cart. You know, you can update the Apple Store app for free and enjoy browsing the Apple catalog, purchasing any available product, or learning through Today at Apple sessions. And you, Did you download the app from the Apple Store or are you more than just accessing the store through the website?