Apple renews its iOS and iPadOS accessibility website

The diverse number of people who use Apple devices is very large. Each user has particularities and the systems must be adapted to each of them. From a hearing impaired user to a color blind person passing through visually impaired users. The invest in inclusive upgrades makes Apple one of the companies that makes the most accessibility adaptations in its operating systems: iOS and iPadOS. In fact, they updated their website on Accessibility highlighting the most important functions of iOS and iPadOS to improve the use of these systems for users with all types of disabilities.

Adapt to include: accessibility to the center of iOS and iPadOS

Take a family photo, find FaceTime, or roll up your shades in the morning. We want everyone to enjoy the everyday moments that technology offers. That’s why we strive to make Apple products accessible from minute zero. Because the real value of a device is not measured by its power, but by the possibilities it offers to everyone.

December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. A day later, Apple updated the US version of its accessibility website showing the virtues of inclusion of iPadOS and iOS.

With each update an attempt is made to add new features that improve the life of people with disabilities on Apple devices.

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On your new website, you give meaning to your the main news on accessibility. In the case of the view, it is possible to increase the size of the letters, include an automatic zoom, include a magnifying glass anywhere on the screen, etc. If we switch to listening, you can configure the settings of the headphones, improve the frequencies or filter them in the AirPods Pro or activate the Listen Live feature to amplify the voices from outside in our headphones.

There are countless tools and functions that are unknown to many of us in the accessibility options of different operating systems, not just Apple. However, the struggle in trying to increase these options is the breath of fresh air that many disabled users need to make device use as smooth and productive as possible.