Apple says adding iMessage to Android would be bad for them 1

Many times we think everything is simple for a company as big as Apple and today we will see that all is not a bed of roses. The company itself has to make decisions that can hurt more than help and in this case confirmed that making iMessage compatible with Android devices would not be good for them.

In our country, the market share of iPhone is high but not as high as in USA, UK or Canada for example, so to use iMessage these millions of users use Apple devices and create an application available on Android such as Apple Music or Apple TV would not be profitable for them since they would eventually lose sales


At least, that’s what leaders like Phil Shiller, Eddy Cue or Craig Federighi support, among others. It looks like the emails have crossed paths in the midst of their “legal battle” with Epic Games. In these emails Cue, for example, explains that they could implement Apple’s official messaging service on Android devices for a long time

but they don’t want to.

On the other hand, it is also said that the messaging service is used by millions of people beyond what we think in Europe, so all of those users would end up buying a cheaper Android on occasion. and would continue to use their service on them. It is very different from using Apple Music, in fact it has nothing to do with it and it is possible that they lose more customers by allowing the use of iMessage on Android because they could use less devices. expensive to use their service and they will not. lose money, It’s a company that wants to sell a lot and earn like everyone else …