It was clear. If one of the things Apple has learned in recent months that we have been a global scandal on Covid-19 is happy to say you must change the production of your devices. When the Coronavirus crisis erupted, China's factories shut down as the rest of the world watched with concern, still ignoring what was coming.

Of course, they are completely functional, but the warning was obvious to the company. You cannot have all your products in one country. So during filming the Vietnamese have set up their batteries and set up the first plant to move Apple's demand. They start this month producing AirPods, and next, it could be your plant manufacture iPhones in India.

A report published today in the Economic Times confirms that Apple thinks it may have changed up to a fifth of iPhone production from China to India for the next five years. Most of the production will be for export.

This report confirms that until $ 40 billion on iPhones can be made in India. In this country, Apple's sales figure is 1,500 million dollars, which means most of the production will go to other countries.

Apple is in talks with the Government of India to lay the groundwork for cooperation. Two current iPhones manufacturers will set up these new production plants: Wistron and Foxconn

. If this happened, the two companies that made iPhones would be India's largest retailer.

Apple has already started make your own AirPods in Vietnam. Today we also learned that Apple & # 39; s A-series chips manufacturer, TSMC, plans to produce such processors in the US. It is clear that the company has understood that it has to diversify its production overseas to China.