There’s a lot of talk, especially in this tricky time for China, about the big tech companies’ dependence on the Asian giant because of their competitive pricing and pace of manufacturing. A double-edged sword, because betting everything on China in this period of “pandemic” has been a blow to the distribution of certain products, a clear example has been the PlayStation 5.

In this case, Apple has taken note of what has happened in recent months and has started to diversify the manufacturing and manufacturing of its products. Foxconn has established a new manufacturing facility in Vietnam, and it looks MacBook and iPad ready.

As they count in Macrumors, Foxconn, Apple’s main service provider, invested around $ 270 million to build a new factory in Vietnam where to continue working on the products of the Cupertino company, thus acquiring a certain independence vis-à-vis the Asian giant (China) and ensuring the diversification of its points of origin to improve both distribution and manufacturing. However, the determining factor remains the low cost of labor in these Asian countries, not to mention the alleged attacks on workers’ rights that are often on the agenda.

This new factory managed by Fukang Technology

It will be located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, in Bac Giang province. When the project is completed, it should be able to manufacture up to eight million laptops and tablets per year.

This is not the first similar move, Foxconn already transferred some of its manufacturing from China to Vietnam in November of last year, especially that relating to the products of the Cupertino company, invest around $ 1,500 million in the country and hire around 10,000 workers.