Pepsi Jets documentary announcement

As Apple announced its video streaming platform, on Apple TV + we can not only find series and movies, but also talk shows and documentaries. According to Deadline, Apple bought the documentary Jets in 2020, Based on a 1990’s Pepsi commercial campaign.

This commercial campaign, called Dink Pepsi, get some stuff

(which we can translate as Drink Pepsi, get stuff), allowed users to get points in exchange for products, be a bus plane (vertical take-off plane that we could see in the film Risky lies) the highest prize in exchange for 7 million points.

The problem is that a person has reached 7 million points but of Pepsi they made the fools. This plane was priced at $ 35 million. As expected, the user affected by this promotion sued Pepsi who claimed that it would offer this aircraft as a reward to the user who collecting 7 million points was a joke.

This documentary is a nostalgic immersion in 90s pop culture and tells how John Leonard took the 1996 Pepsi ad at face value

. You have to be very naive to believe that through a promotion you can get a product valued at several million dollars.

This new documentary was directed by James Lee Hern├índez and Brian Lazarte, the same producers of the documentary available on HBO McMillion, documentary that tells how a scam was performed in the popular Monopoly McDonald’s over $ 24 million.