We have already talked about Apple’s policy change regarding Apple Watch. A device that was first sold as a luxury device, typical of watches, and which has become a portable device that helps us monitor our health on a daily basis. So much so that they even added the possibility of perf orming electrocardiograms via the Apple Watch, or even measuring our blood oxygen with the new models of Apple Watch. The last: Apple just updated the EKG algorithm to the latest watchOS version

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

the the electrocardiogram allows us to detect irregularities in the rhythm of our heart, as soon as it is detected, it measures our heart rate again and sends a notification to the user when an anomaly is detected. New watchOS 7.2, already in RC version ready to be launched, add a new version of the algorithm

that controls the Apple Watch’s EKG, a new algorithm that has also been added to the new iOS 14.3. New algorithm will enable EKG app to check for atrial fibrillation at high heart rates, as during a sports exercise.

A very interesting addition especially in view of the launch of Apple Fitness + which will come with iOS 14.3

. A launch that will allow us to play sports at home under an Apple subscription model. They managed to involve a lot of trainers to help us practice with our Apple devices. Obviously The Apple Watch and all the functions it has to control our health will be a key part of this new Apple Fitness +. Of course, keep in mind that for now, Apple Fitness + will only be available in the United States. We will keep you informed as to when this service will launch worldwide.