Apple voluntarily closes all Apple Stores in France 1

Since last Monday, Apple has decided to close all of its own stores that it has distributed in the neighboring country, a voluntary closure with which the Cupertino-based company wishes prevent your stores from being at the center of the distribution of coronavirus in what has become the third wave of coronavirus in the country.

Some iconic stores located in city centers have remained open in recent months, however, all those located in malls have been closed since last January. Since last Monday, the French government has instituted a new curfew that will from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Apple Store Paris

Outside of curfew hours, everyone must stay within 10 km of their home except:

  • Go to work, study center – training or take trips that could not be postponed.
  • Access medical appointments that cannot be done remotely.
  • Assistance to vulnerable people, people in a helpless situation or childcare.
  • Make essential purchases.
  • Going to or coming back to places of worship, libraries.
  • Administrative or legal proceedings.

Due to the activity of the Apple Store, sales of computer products and after-sales service, Apple can keep stores open in France without any problem

, but according to the guys at MacGeneration, the company decided to be cautious and directly close all the stores that until now were still open and are located in urban centers such as central Paris, Bordeaux, Lille. .