Apple wants iOS 15 to inherit macOS Control Center 1

Even though Tim Cook insists on denying the bigger one, the reality is that iOS and macOS have more and more things in common. Obviously, they’re not going to sell us that they’re destined to end up being the same, especially since they have plenty of 16-inch MacBook Pros to market at heart attack price.

However, with each update, the two operating systems look more and more similar, even posing a serious problem. For now, Apple plans to implement the macOS Control Center directly on iOS,

Do you know the differences to compare them?

The reality is that the macOS Control Center isn’t bad at all, at least the one we have in the latest available version, macOS Big Sur. Honestly, it seemed like a real success to me how they integrated the Control Center into the “big version”, offering the keyboard brightness, some pretty cool volume and screen brightness selectors and even a small widget. for music that macOS users had been pursuing for many years. However, the iOS Control Center feels slightly more accessible and faster to me.

Despite all this, since They talk about this change, a control center redesigned under iOS 15 and especially inspired by that of macOS Big Sur. However, the reality is that they did not provide any captures or photographs, so we will have to wait for the celebration of WWDC21 which will take place electronically and will continue live on iPhone News, so we invite you to stay tuned until in June because we will be testing iOS 15 to keep you up to date with all the news. We will soon know if iOS 15 will really adopt a Control Center similar to that of iOS or everything will be in borage water.