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Apple wants to move the manufacturing segment to that country




It is a mantra for all investors and applies to many different fields: do you want to reduce risk? Divide well. And that's what Apple has been doing in making its products, but it seems to be thinking of taking a big step in this direction. shipping the fifth of its total iPhone production from China to India.

This news comes from the India Economic Times and is featured in several Anglo-Saxon media: Cupertino would have held high-level meetings between Apple executives and members of the Indian government to gain status win-win that allows $ 40 billion in transit revenue.

The business is simple: India is giving incentives to Apple to make an effort to take that big step, and Apple is able to allocate some portion of the iPhone production so it doesn't have to rely too much on the country. From MacRumors that provides the figure for iPhone production in China for comparison: $ 200 million.

The global economy is closing the cycle: China's industry is beginning to move towards cheaper countries

An additional $ 334 million has been invested in producing a Mini LED display in Taiwan

Some data was released by Economic Daily News and illustrated by AppleInsider: Apple would be helping with it opening a new factory in Taiwan to produce Min USB and small LED screens on the island. It would be a pre-explosive move that those screens will have in 2021 on future company devices.

The total investment in the area will be $ 334 million, which the Taiwanese government approved in February. A little while ago we saw that Samsung was planning to make those panels by 2020, but the coronavirus epidemic might have changed those plans.
If there are no unexpected events, the year 2021 may be the year Apple launches switch all display of your products from LCD and OLED to Mini LED and / or MicroLED. Interestingly, the first device to do so would be the first OLED display device in Apple's history: the Apple Watch.


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