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Apple will introduce a new Mac trading system in America



Apple will be planning to launch a new trading system in the United States and Canada this coming week. Through this program clients They can bring their old Mac to get a gift card discount that can be applied to the purchase of a new Mac.

First the United States and Canada, then Europe?


New edition, published by Bloomberg will begin June 15 in the United States and June 18 in Canada, will allow new customers to bring in an old Mac and receive a discount on subsequent purchases.

Apple has long allowed the trading option on the Mac, but so far, unlike other devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, it can only be controlled online. The Easy to use for bringing your Mac to the Apple store and leaving the store the details transferred to the new one

, without a doubt, something is online management that prevents you a bit.

This program, like many startups in the United States alone, you will surely expand to Europe and other countries after the initial examination, or yet we do not know the exact dates. With these initiatives Apple wants to promote the sale of computers by making them accessible to new models such as the rumored iMac that can be announced in the next WWDC.

Apple to update Mac's WWDC with new design, new GPUs and T2 chip, according to new rumors

Gradually, Apple has introduced more opportunities to redesign older products, making new purchases more enjoyable at a discount to make them more attractive.

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