How do you proceed in custody? You know, we have to stay home, and to help you from the Actualidad iPhone we will continue to publish the latest news related to the type of apple bitten. Final: If you bought a new Pro just before announcing the new model, don't worryApple will send you a new model they introduced last week as some users report. After the jump we give you more details of these important issues.

Maybe many of you find yourself in this situation, when you bought an iPad Pro just before Apple introduced the new model, and you might have received this email from the Copertino boys. An email they told us How will they improve our IP Pro order by sending us a new model introduced last week Wifi + Cellular and 256 GB of capacity. It's a high-end model that many had bought but Apple wants to thank for it.

As you well know, Apple has just introduced the new Apple Pro. Since your order has not yet been shipped, we will upgrade your order with the new 256GB 11-inch iPad Pro Wifi + Cellular Price, at a lower price (than the iPad price you previously purchased).

The fact is that it sounds good, This practice has already been practiced on occasion by the boys from Copertino and the intention is not to let us down., or that at least we don't feel like it, because we don't always know the release system and it would be wrong to run out of the last device purchased the day before launch. You know, maybe you will have to wait a while but it will be worth the wait, and more. Enjoy your new Pro in these bizarre days, it's really …