The new AirPods Max

Users who were able to pre-order the first AirPods Max will start receiving them in the coming weeks. However, if you’re interested in Apple’s new on-ear headphones, you’ll have to wait 12-14 weeks or less on some models like Sky Blue. When purchasing you can decide to apply AppleCare + Insurance offered by the big apple on all your devices for a value of 59 dollars and basic 2-year technical assistance and material coverage including a minimum of two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months

to which a service charge applies.

AppleCare + terms for AirPods Max

AppleCare + is insurance that gives you up to two years of expert technical support and hardware coverage for AirPods or Beats headphones, including a minimum of two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months, each subject to a service of 29 $. . Coverage begins on the date of your AppleCare + rental. Coverage does not include theft or loss of headphones.

The new ones AirPods Max they cost 629 dollars. The price has been criticized by many users on social networks. However, for many experts, the quality that these new headphones are supposed to deliver is well worth the price. It will be necessary to wait to check the sound quality and all the features announced in the first reviews when the devices start to reach users.

As with all devices, Apple offers a additional coverage under the AppleCare + title with very specific conditions. In this case, the price of the insurance is 59 dollars, a price over 39 dollars for the AirPods and AirPods Pro, but the price of the new headsets is also higher than the rest of the AirPods.

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Delivery times for the new AirPods Max are getting longer

If we analyze the conditions and coverage of AppleCare +, it does not differ from other devices. The operation is simple. This insurance covers up to two years of technical support and hardware coverage. It includes at least two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months. Repairing the battery is also included in the event that it does not reach 80% of its original capacity.

That is, at least 4 in all insurance coverages. In each of these incidents, you will pay 29 dollars for the resolution of the problem as such. If we compare this price with the public repair prices of AirPods Max, this is where we see the differences. A user without AppleCare + will cost 79 dollars to replace the battery and the ear pads will also be sold independently at a value of 69 dollars a set.