Carlertino's company continues to penalize France for its illegal practices in the distribution network and the anti-solitary agency. Today it is known that the company will have to pay a multi-million dollar fine imposed by the government, which it is the figure is 1,100,000,000 euros. Apple, on the other hand, is expected to make its appeal to the sanction, so it does not specify, although it is true that the company is receiving many obstacles from the French country.

Agreements on pricing, abuse of financial dependency on suppliers, illegal contracts with your distribution network and more. It seems like Tech Kata and Ingram Micro, the two national distributors had agreed that they would not compete again both have been fined a total of 63 million and 76 million euros respectively

. It would seem that all of this may affect or slightly affect the existing relationship and complexity between the company and the country, but this does not seem to matter in France, yet we are still betting on events.

At other times we've talked about Apple and France, so it's not that it's new but in this case the essay is astronomy, the largest ever set in Apple's world. According to Apple sources interviewed by CNBC Carlertino's company is confident that it may appeal the complaint to put millions upon millions, although it is true that it seems as complex as a good outcome for them as for others, but in this case it will mean.