It looks like we’ll end the year by talking about the (unfair) controversy that has surrounded the Apple’s new privacy policy. A new policy decided under pressure postpone early 2021, that is, it was due to go into effect with the launch of iOS 14 in September, but after complaints from several companies, it was decided to leave for 2021. And the time has come, we are two weeks from the end of the year, 2021 is approaching and with it comes Apple’s new privacy policy. The new iOS 14.4 beta has already given the first signs of these new privacy warnings …

Keep reading as we give you all the details of these new announcements.

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As they say, these announcements are currently only available in the first beta of iOS 14.4, with these Apple is setting the stage for the final announcements that we will see. As you can see in the image that runs this post, new notices will warn us that our data will be used to provide us with a better and personalized business experience

, Apple will allow us to block tracking or allow it for the application in question to collect the data they need to provide us with a personalized commercial offer. And not just advertisements, at the end we will receive notifications when an application starts collecting information about us, whatever the information …

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the We will inform you of the definitive launch of this functionIt is true that some users find it in versions prior to iOS 14.4, but the most certain is that the final launch will take place in 2021. And above all, we must be clear that this will undoubtedly benefit us as users, This will allow us to have better control over our data so that we are the ones who decide what is used by us and for what.