Apple PRODUCT (RED) on World AIDS Day

Apple’s website was dyed red in honor of World AIDS Day yesterday. Some of the big apple’s devices and accessories have been dyed red for some time below the standard PRODUCT (RED). Before COVID-19 entered our lives, Apple invested the proceeds from these products in the Fund for the Global Fund with the aim of try to stop the progression of this disease this can with the lives of 700,000 people per year. Apple has announced that all proceeds from its PRODUCT (RED) will go to the Global Fund against COVID-19 until June 31, 2021.

PRODUCT (RED): Stop COVID-19 to get back on track against AIDS

Over the past 14 years, our collaboration with (RED) has generated nearly $ 250 million in donations to fund HIV and AIDS programs. Until June 30, Apple will partner with (RED) to direct all eligible sales of (PRODUCT) RED to the Global Fund in response to COVID-19. This contribution will reach the health systems most vulnerable to the pandemic and will help support programs to fight HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

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The PRODUCT (RED) brand was launched in 2006 and has reached dozens of major companies who have dyed their devices red. The benefits of these products went straight to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

For Apple, investing in these types of stocks has always defined them since each product or device has a version in red framed in this brand.

However, the arrival of SARS-CoV-2 has shaken the substitution of AIDS programs around the world. The Global Fund is charged with improving the poorest health systems to prevent HIV transmission and prevent AIDS from reaching more poor people.

Small changes that will make the difference

Apple will donate $ 1 for every purchase with Apple Pay to the Global Fund

For him, Apple announced that until June 31, it will donate all the benefits of its PRODUCT (RED) in the fight against COVID-19 for one simple reason:

COVID-19 could derail a decade’s progress in the fight against AIDS. This pandemic makes it difficult to access the care, treatment and resources needed to fight AIDS.

In addition, it was also announced that he would be given one dollar per branded product or accessory if the payment is made through Apple Pay up to a maximum of $ 1 million. With this initiative, Apple also wants to participate in improving the health systems most affected by COVID-19 but which in themselves also have other viruses to deal with, such as HIV.