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Apple's "Search Tool" will upgrade with iOS 14




Search iOS

The leaks found in the iOS 14 operating system never stop. Not only the iPhone 9 Plus, but also the Maps and CarPlay navigation improvements. Now it's time to "Search", that tool i will have a review.

"Search" One of the best tools from Apple

It is already known that iOS 14 will have new designs, for example, the new Apple Watch home screen, but there will also be new features in the systems and tools the iPhone has.

One of its best features "Search" that it has improved a lot with the advent of iOS 13 and that it has been crucial in even stealing and retrieving Apple devices.

With iOS 14 this tool will have an update that will allow you to have better control over it, and more options that will perfect you.

Search for Apple devices

Lots of alerts and local AR

Openly, "Search" will now have it new notifications that the user will receive alerts by the arrival of the contact. Local work it will allow you to set up alert alerts to know when your contact has not reached the exact time

. For example, the date or arrival of a family member.

These notifications will also include notifications when you contact left the place ahead of time.

Augmented Reality will play an important role in this tool, as is possible now Use ARKit to get precise and visible instructions for the locations you want.

ArKit Apple Search

Application for Search is available on Apple devices and on the iCloud website. Right now it's very useful to find all your devices and share locations between your contacts, but it seems like this tool is in Apple's future plans, as the following functions will increase its use, and AirTag will make the most of this.

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