iOS 14 not only brought news for our iPhones, but also news at the level of Homekit. One of the most interesting is the adaptive lighting, the possibility of our lighting automatically changing throughout the day to maximize our comfort and productivity. Support that manufacturers must also adopt and which is being done a little slowly. Now the Chinese giant Aqara has just released an update (in beta) for its bulbs that support this smart lighting from HomeKit.

For those of you unfamiliar with Aqara, it’s like a quality Chinese Philips. A brand that offers us an infinite number of home automation gadgets for our home that integrate perfectly with HomeKit. It is true that the rate of adoption of the new adaptive lighting possibilities that HomeKit enables with iOS14 is very slow, and it is surprising that this is the case since other systems have offered this possibility for some time. Now how can we tell you Aqara wants to start offering support for this adaptive lighting for all of its smart bulbs compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

. A support that for now, it will only be launched in China in beta mode but should be released worldwide soon.

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It is true that at this moment the only thing we can do is make the bulbs change color by asking Siri, and that these are adapted according to the scenes that we define, but it is expected that in the future the support will reach many more functions. One support, that of HomeKit’s adaptive lighting, which first came to Eve’s lighting systems and then spread to the notorious Philips Hue, which shyly supported earlier this month. What does the future hold? Well, I sincerely believe that lighting and smart gadgets are here to stay, it is more and more frequent to see this type of lighting in our homes, and it is more and more comfortable to take advantage of our virtual assistants to have a more “lazy” life at home. And you, Are you using HomeKit? Do you prefer other intelligence systems?

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