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Are you working? These are the traits you must have




Mobile should not only be used for gaming, but the use we can offer is endless, from entertainment to work, production management or sports activity. And the good use we have on Android contributes to our ability to use our mobile phones in many things.

However, if you need a cell phone to work, it must have it some essential features to be able to do your job in a comfortable way and the smartphone has provided you with everything you need, and we'll tell you what those features are.

OnePlus 8 Pro for wireless charging

Good self control and fast charging

If you are going to work with your mobile phone, you need a device that can withstand the pressure to receive several calls a day, Internet browsing and messaging. Good luck now very few manufacturers install large batteries on their devices, and the problems of independence are no longer as widespread as they were years ago. However, there are some terminals that can boast of holding more than others.

Also, the Xiaomi Mi 10 has 4,780 mAh of its own, the Redmi K30 Pro has 4,700 mAh or the OnePlus 8 with its 4,510 mAh, slightly higher from average, and performs better at an independent level. As we tell you, almost all smartphones will last a great day, but they should escape devices with less than 4,000 mAh battery. Without exception, of course.

Introduced Huawei P40 Pro

For something highly recommended, choose the cell of your choice, that it has a fast charge, as this allows that during charging, you can give your terminal a positive boost throughout the day. And, luckily for you, almost all medium and high-end telephones today have a pretty fast contract.

Traditional activities (recurring programs, recording …)

Aside from the fact that mobile phones should not have native applications, they have always been so prevalent, I'm a strong advocate that they integrate others, as well as functions that allow for more mobile access. And in this case, companies like Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung are experts, because they have the most complete Android layer.

In these, you will be able to find functions such as duplicate applications or traditional audio recorder that will be helpful, especially the first one, from It will allow you to create a "copy" of applications such as WhatsApp you can sign in with two accounts at the same time, and another icon will be created to access the account you want.

Samsung Galaxy S20 twitter andro4all

Apart from this, there are some interesting features, such as Samsung's torture mode, which offer avenues for this increase our productivity and reduce disruption. And learning how to use these kinds of things, and having them out there without installing third-party systems, is a benefit.

Solvent camera in any case

This point is controversial, but the fact is, you're using a smartphone for what you're using, a good camera is always useful, capable of resolving any situation that comes before it,

and it doesn't matter if you work for yourself or a Public Manager, a good camera doesn't hurt, and can help you in many cases.

In this sense, We won't get anything if we recommend Google Pixel, because, every year, the company releases the best camera in the Android market, and that's not negotiable, because the processing that works for the company is usually not sold year after year.

Google Pixel 4 XL, night camera app

I must say this year, The Huawei P40 Pro is one of the best Pixel models As for the camera, but for its lack of software, we recommend recommending Google to the end, which is a guarantee regarding the software and the camera.

Good power level, and hardware that protects over time

Obviously, if you want a smartphone to work, it's very important that it has a very good power level, too that your Hardware will remain viable for a few years. You want to be honest and that the phone doesn't leave you to sleep at least. And it's completely normal.

At the end of the day, whatever our tool is, We all want stability and we don't have unexpected events, stops or problems from time to time. And the same thing happens with a mobile phone. And yes, it is totally possible to get it.

IPhone XR Front

In this case, our recommendations are very clear: OnePlus and iPhone. You love the ecosystem you love, you have two beautiful edges to choose from, that they have software and hardware that in two years will continue to be important and that you can trust it.

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