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At DxOMark the Samsung Galaxy S20 + camera is better than the iPhone



A few months ago, Samsung introduced its new high-end devices. The new line of Galaxy S20 featuring three smartphones – S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra-, It has come up with some excellent design, the latest hardware and a promising graphics segment.

But among the three available places, certainly the Galaxy S20 + is a very balanced phone. It is still expensive in many packages but without a doubt it is the best-priced repository of all the top brands of a South Korean company.
Moreover and always according to DxOMark people, the Samsung Samsung S20 + has the advantage over one of its major competitors, the Apple iPhone. And it seems the camera of this smartphone surpasses that of any other apple bite.

At DxOMark, the Galaxy S20 + camera is better than any iPhone

Galaxy S20 Camera

According to a DxOMark analysis, despite the fact that the S20 + image quality is not the same as its older brother, the S20 Ultra we analyzed at Andro4all, It seems to be at the level of the best devices in the market


Despite the fact that at low light or at night certain conditions appear in the images or that when using zoom quality is not very high, the DxOMark people eventually give it 118 points. This means that even though it is subject to places like the Huawei P40 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, it stays on top of any iPhone, including the iPhone 11 Pro, the best-selling device of 2020.

And this is good news. Not only because Apple & # 39; s iPhones remain a reliable source for photos but they are also a rival that has been with Samsung and Apple for years. Of course this is always about DxOMark's valuation and analysis, that is, that doesn't have to match your own.

In the end it all matters the user tests the facilities and stays with the one that meets their needs. DxOMark has given the Galaxy S20 + a higher score than the iPhone 11 Pro but that doesn't mean it's better. At the end of the day this is still a concept and like all ideas, they are defeated.

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