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Best case of 11-inch iPad Pro



Best case of 11-inch iPad Pro

A a good case must be because of your ProNot only does it work as a protection against strikes or falls, it also allows us to place an iPad in some holes to use it in various ways, to see a series or draw is just one of them.

There are many options available in the market, different shapes, colors and materials, so Choosing the right case for the iPad Pro that is right for us is not easy. That is why we have selected 4 attractive options that you can protect your iPad Pro with.

The ESR Slim Case for the 11-inch iPad Pro

The first cover is our recommendation for those who want it complete protection for your iPad

. The back is made of flexible material and covers the frames of the device, so you have nothing to fear about falling. It also has a front cover that works and works on the screen, and lets you place the iPad in different positions.

Magnetic JETech Case for iPad Pro

The cover that Use the rear magnets to place

with a little effort on the iPad and allowing us to take it off and put it in seconds. The iPad Pro will be secured front and rear. The outer part is made of PU leather and microfiber, while the cover is functional and works with a magnetic screen.

Read ESR Shell Soft

A cover for those who don't want to get cover. Transparency seems almost overlooked and does not wish to add size or weight to the IP Pro. However, you will have your device protected from falling and by making a flexible TPU like a rubber you can set and unplug it.

Apple Smart Folio

The Apple's original case for the iPad Pro that removes a new way of putting various statistics behind. The frames are free to charge the Apple Pencil and the design is amazing. Made with a single piece of polyurethane, the lid works and works on the screen and you can place the iPad in different positions.

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