The Magic Keyboard comes ready to connect to your IP Pro and start using it, without any links or other settings, but There are many options that can be customized to customize how it works.

The technology hidden under the Magic keyboard is impressive, as it is very easy to use. There is nothing to connect, nothing to fix … just "paste" an iPad Pro and start using it. However there are certain details you would like to customize to make the user experience much better. If you came from using a MacBook with its own trackpad, you probably have some bad things that you would like to do to continue keeping up with this new add-on and that it doesn't automatically work. In this video we explain some of the best tricks you can use with this Magic Keyboard:

  • Do you miss the Esc key? However, even though there is no physical key, you can replace it with another key. We explain howe may modify the functions of certain special keys Magic Keyboard.
  • Automatic background keyboard light depending on available light, however you can customize the first stage
    where the system itself performs a conversion.
  • Do you want to use two fingers to right click? ¿You choose to touch and you don't have to press the trackpad to perform the action? Do you want to change directory orientation? All of this is possible and we show you how.
  • Resize the cursor, highlighting it in higher contrast mode or give it a hint of color
  • Activate the virtual keyboard on the screen even though the virtual keyboard is connected it is possible and we explain how.
  • For most "Pro" users you can enable "full access" mode with multiple keyboard shortcuts and control your iPad completely from the keyboard.

After this review of all these Magic Keyboard configuration options, some are partially hidden under other editing options, you will surely find one that was lost, or unknown to you and comes to you like a finger ring.