Blackmail in App Store Reviews, Five Star or Won't Open 1

Often times the title does not accurately reflect the content of the reading that will enliven the next ten minutes of life, but I promise you that in this case the story could be summed up in the words that go into this post. If app review requests bother you, here’s your story.

A bug in the rating system allows developers to prevent their app from opening until it gets five stars. Without a doubt, Apple has messed up the App Store once again, how long will it take to fix it?

As on many other occasions, it has been FlickType, or rather Kosta Eleftheriou which put the Cupertino company in check. For years, this developer has worked to improve the quality of the App Store by fighting against Apple itself, even going so far as to sue them for breach of contract with the developers by not performing the correct oversight that l ‘one can expect from the application market. of the Cupertino company. This found a “cheat” app called UPNP Xtreme and demonstrated it in a Twitter video. In the tweet, you can see how when you open the app the pop-up app rating benefit is activated and asks you to review it.

However, curiously the button Not now as well as the rest of the ratings below five stars do not allow you to close the app. This app has 15 million downloads and millions of dollars in revenue, so we’re not talking about a residual practice that a new developer has done. According to the developer, this trick is extremely easy for other interested parties and It could hurt the quality of the App Store which seems to be getting closer and closer to the Google Play Store on these things.