During last October’s presentation, Apple announced the new iPhone 12 range, which in addition to being the first to be compatible with 5G networks, is also the first to hit the market without a charger and without a headset. , according to Apple to reduce the impact on the environment and that all users they have a charger at home.

Very few users have a charger with a USB-C port to be able to charge the iPhone, being the majority with a USB-A connection. It was only a matter of time before a country shut down Apple. The first to do so was Brazil, which will force Apple to include the charger in all iPhones it currently sells on the market.

The State of Sao Paulo decided that Apple should sell all iPhone models with the corresponding charger, based on the decision of the Public Agency for Consumer Protection (Procon-SP), an agency that asked Apple for arguments to justify the decision to remove it of the contents of the iPhone box that will not harm consumers and what are the real benefits for the environment.

Apple’s response It was the same one that announced in the keynote presentation: environmental benefits and that most users already have a compatible charger. Procon-SP does not find enough strong arguments and claims that selling the iPhone without a charger goes against the consumer defense code in Brazil.

Apple must respond to demand again or you will be fined. Although initially this decision is limited to the Brazilian state of Sau Paulo, the supplement could be extended to the whole country. Besides Brazil, France is another of the countries where Apple has encountered a problem, as due to local regulations it must continue to include EarPods in the box.