You can send your car key through the Messaging app

We don't think it's something that will come soon enough, but a screen and a leak of CarKey and BMW They make us think that this car's on / off program and start / stop use of the iPhone were close and personal.

We can say that CarKey It will allow users who when approaching their car with an iPhone or Apple Watch, will be able to identify themselves using an NFC car reader and use Face ID to make the car automatically unlock.


The "Apple Pay" of cars is coming soon

And we can say that this is a program like Apple Pay, a payment service where the user adds a credit or debit card to iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. pay securely. Well in this case it's about sharing the key of our car in the same way at Wallet, so it allows us to open and close and start the car using an iPhone or Apple Watch.

For a proper performance of these two protagonists enter the scene: Digital Key 3.0 based on Blue LE and Ultra Wideband. In these cases with an iPhone in a pocket, handbag, etc., we will be able to start the car directly thanks to this communication. In this case tests were carried out with other BMW models and a number of tests were performed to achieve this and to be launched. It's not an easy thing to use as it should be clear that some iPhone models are supported by Ultra Wideband while others do not. We probably have more details on the next version of iOS or iOS 14, we'll see if Apple shows us something at the next WWDC

it would be nice to know more details.