CARROT Weather

The iOS Weather app has some valuable and standard information for checking the forecast, but it lacks some information that most weather fans miss. That is why there are dozens of applications in the App Store to consult the weather in a more complete, complex way and with a large number of additional elements. One of these apps is CARROT Weather, an application promoted by major advertising media and which has appeared several times in editorials on the App Store. his new version 5.0 bring a redesigned a more functional design and interesting news to make it a benchmark application in the world of meteorology.

View the weather professionally with CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is an incredibly powerful (and privacy-conscious) weather app that provides hilarious forecasts.

CARROT Weather updates are characterized by hilarious and funny touch on your patch notes. Over the notes, they show us what are the news of the versions they launch. On this occasion, version 5.0 is released which comes with major changes in design and functionality. Plus, they make sure that this update is just the start of a series of important changes that will happen to the app.

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Let’s see some of the big changes to the app:

  • Interface builder: A system has been created which allows the development of application interfaces. So that we can make our favorite views: if we prefer to see the current weather, just the forecast and select all the information that CARROT Météo puts at our disposal. You can also change the design of the containers that store the information, their size, etc. There are thousands of different options.
  • Artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence is also making a niche, developing special visions that can then be configured in the interface builder.
  • New design: According to the creators, the new design is more like iOS and is 97% more beautiful and 543% more functional than the previous design. We will see it in time, never better said.
  • More information: Now, when we click on any part of the forecast, we access graphics and other additional content taken from the sources from which the weather information is obtained.
  • New secret places and achievements: CARROT Weather, besides being a weather app, is a kind of “game” in which as we go through weather situations we will get badges. In version 5.0, new achievements, new secret locations and new app icons have been included to modify it as we wish.

The price of the application is free. However, for to access most of the key features of CARROT Météo, you must pay a subscription It varies depending on the type of package we select.

CARROT Weather (AppStore link)