AirPods Max Gold by Caviar

The quality of technological products depends on a large number of variables ranging from the components used to the technology used. However, the price increases in proportion to the luxury of the materials used to make the products. The main companies use mid-range materials so that the prices are not prohibitive. But other companies like Russian Caviar are in charge of apply luxurious materials to existing products. The price of the new AirPods Max ‘Gold’ from this company is $ 108,000

crafted in 18k gold on a crocodile leather strap.

Some prohibitive AirPods Max from Caviar’s hand

The AirPods Max were launched a few weeks ago placing their price in the 629 dollars. Its noise canceling technology and careful design inspired by elements of other Apple products set it apart from other headphones. If for many users these 629 dollars already seemed a lot, Caviar AirPods Max Gold will seem crazy to you.

Caviar's prohibitive 'Gold' AirPods Max cost $ 108,000 1

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Apple has mixed hundreds of designs for the new AirPods Max

This special model is part of a limited edition of the luxurious Russian brand Caviar which is dedicated to raising the price of certain products dozens of times by applying precious, expensive and luxurious materials. In the case of AirPods Max Gold, they are coated with a layer of 750 grams of 18 carat gold attached to the silver body of the AirPods Max themselves. It should be emphasized that the product is the same that a user can buy from Apple, but the prohibitive finish depends on Caviar.

AirPods Max Gold by Caviar

Model will be available in black and white but only the colors of the Apple materials will change, the gold will stay in the same place in both models. But there is one more detail. The side pads and headband have been covered by white crocodile leather. Finally, in the upper part before starting the headband has been included two 18k gold rings with the Caviar badge.

This extravagant product will be available in 2021 for a huge $ 108,000 and it can be purchased from the official Caviar website.