There's no doubt that AirPods are one of the most successful products we've seen from the Copertino company in recent years. Taking a seat depending on its design and functionality, in fact we all know that the "True Wireless" heads were no different until AirPods, which is a source where almost all manufacturers drink, if not by design, at least in performance. Why Apple does not want to leave out the opportunity to continue updating AirPods Pro and has decided to add a "Lite" version for the content price,

What do you think of these Apple movements?

According to DigiTimes Copertino's company has some clear ideas about it and may be considering introducing a new version of AirPods Pro, that is, updating True Wireless headers for the current high-end to add new functionality. This product review is not too surprising given the fact that AirPods themselves receive regular updates and have not been on the market as long as other products. Either way, "eclipsing" this new release of AirPods Pro seems like Apple is planning to introduce many more heads.

The product list before 2021 As for the audio on Apple it will be like this:

  • AirPods Lite: $ 120
  • AirPods: $ 160
  • AirPods Pro: $ 240
  • Headbands: 350 $ $

This way Apple will eventually provide wireless headphones for all types of users who can access them, both of which have more restricted budgets and those that focus on sports, noise cancellation and those who want to use them in an open or working environment. It is clear that Apple is having a good year 2020 in terms of launch campaigns even though the current trend is in line with product sales. New products will never be new.