Chipolo ONE Spot, compatible with Busca and cheaper than AirTag 1

As we’ve said on occasion, Apple included an “objects” section in the search app, so it was only a matter of time before more and more compatible products appeared. However, after the launch of the AirTag we had to wait for the news to arrive.

Now, Chipolo is launching the ONE Spot, a cheaper alternative to AirTag that is fully compatible with Apple’s search app. The opening of the Search application will bring an interesting range of products that can make our lives easier without having to spend the approximately $ 70 that the AirTag and its key chains cost.

This was announced by the brand itself:

Chipolo ONE Spot is one of the first third-party products fully compatible with Apple’s search application. You can add it easily and quickly through the app itself and locate it through your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

It is radically different from the AirTag in terms of design, this Chipolo ONE Spot It has a small hole that will help us to insert it into the keys without having to spend the 39 dollars that the Cupertino company keychain costs. This device has Resistance IPX5

thus, in principle, it is not resistant to immersion in water although it is resistant to dust and splashing, for its part the AirTag can be immersed for up to 30 minutes.

Likewise, the ONE Spot has a 120dB speaker and a replaceable button-type battery like the AirTag. The device will cost around $ 28 while a four pack will cost $ 90. Honestly considering the fact that this Chipolo ONE Spot doesn’t require a key fob because it’s already punched out, the savings are significantly greater than the AirTag which will require a yes or yes accessory. However, Considering the fact that on AliExpress there are AirTag keychains for two dollars, I do not see the reason to bet on the Chipolo.