Chipolo One Spot, the first locator compatible with Apple Search 1

Apple yesterday announced its new “Search” program with which other manufacturers could include their trackers in the iOS “Search” network, and Chipolo was one of the first to announce their new product, with all the details on how it works.


The first Chipolo product compatible with Apple Search will be the “Chipolo One Spot”, a small black disc that we can place on a keychain, a wallet or a pocket, and which will allow us to not only locate something we don’t remember where we left off, but also things we lost in another remote location. This small accessory will be available in black and will be waterproof, with a battery that will last a year and can be replaced afterwards. It will also have a speaker that will emit a sound of up to 120 dB, to locate your device.

Chipolo One Spot, the first locator compatible with Apple Search 3

Chipolo will use the iOS app “Search”, with which we will link it to our iPhone in a few very simple walks. Once done, we can:

  • Locate articles: You can locate your Chipolo One Spot through the Search application, showing the last known location.
  • Make sounds: If your locator is nearby, you can make it play a sound to find it.
  • Lost mode: If you lose the item that you attached your Chipolo One Spot to, you can put it in “lost mode”, so that when someone finds it, you will receive a notification. If someone other than the owner finds it, you can use the “Find” app to identify it, and you will be taken to a website where a message left by the owner will appear, along with contact details for you. send back.

All of this happens with the maximum security that your privacy will be guaranteed through end-to-end encryption, neither Apple nor Chipolo will be able to locate your devices at all times. And there will also be no monthly fees for this service.. This first Chipolo product, One Spot, will be available for reservation in May, with the first shipments starting in June. You have more information and possibility of reservation on the official website of Chipolo (link)