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Convert your old DVDs or your collection to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper



Convert your old DVDs or your collection to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper

With the onset of smartphones, the use of digital still cameras and video cameras we are greatly reduced. This acquisition has not only affected the leading manufacturers of these devices, but has also had a major impact on DVD makers, manufacturers and affected cloud storage services.

Over the last few years, the most common thing has been to transmit photos of our trip, as well as videos on DVD, to keep it and be able to share it with our friends and family. Currently, the most widely used way of sharing photos or photos is a link to a cloud storage service. But what about our DVD collections? Read the article and we'll give you a solution; and at the end of it you will have the opportunity to participate in a fun slogan.

If you are a few years old, the title of this article probably caught your eye, because you probably have no desire to know only Convert old DVDs to digital you have a family video at home, but again, you may have over the years built a complete DVD collection.

Video streaming services, such as digital stores, allow us to access a large number of series and movies, however when we talk about topics that are a few years old, things get trickier, because it's impossible to find them both on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or through the iTunes Store, Play Movies …

However, not only can it be difficult to find old films, but also, if we buy them, we will always feel that not in physical format, it's not really ours, but pay for the possibility that we can see it whenever we want, something that's true, but people's sense of belonging often plays tricks on us.

How to convert DVD to MP4

If we are looking for an app that allows us to convert any DVD into a digital format, be it MP4, MOV, AVI or some other format, we have dozens of applications online. But if we want that speed, variety of functions and compatibility with a large number of formats

The best application available on the market now is the WinX DVD Ripper.

WinX DVD Ripper, available for both Windows PC and Mac is for people have less computer knowledge or those that are not compatible with the video format. Due to the user's careful use, all you have to do is install the DVD to our computer, select the device to play and press RUN to start the conversion.

That's it, you don't have to choose codecs, audio tracks, formats that we don't know what they mean … Also, thanks to the hardware speed, the process is very fast and it won't take us a few minutes to convert, for example, an hour and a half DVD.

What can we do with WinX DVD Ripper

DVD backup

WinX DVD Ripper not only allows us to convert DVDs to digital format, but they also allow us to make similar copies, be it on old family videos, new market launches, TV series and DVDs that have stopped working well for our average reader.

Convert DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG …

The number of formats we can convert to our favorite DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper is limited to what is currently available in the market. If there is a codec we can convert the DVD, this app offers them to us.

Converting our old DVD collection to digital format allows us to use the space space of our collection for other purposes, in addition to allowing us to always have it, it can be by storing it on an external hard drive, on NAS, in a cloud storage application … in addition to allowing us to quickly share a USB flash drive.

Play your DVDs on any device

Thanks to this program, we can rip our DVDs in order reproduce them digitally we are both on our iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, Android or tablet … without the need for DVD or Wi-Fi connection

Edit your DVD

Another option we can find on WinX DVD Ripper is that it allows us to convert various video parameters so that the conversion quality gives us a better result than before, it's possible. add subtitles, in addition to cutting video segments, it joins various pieces …

Best WinX DVD Ripper

Copy without loss of quality

If we want to make a video copy, we don't want to lose the quality during the process. There are many apps that convert quickly without regard to audio or video quality. WinX DVD Ripper allows us make a copy of our DVDs in MPEG2 file, including audio in Dolby AC3 / DTS 5.1 format, a format we can produce without any problems in VLC.

But if we want that save the ISO image to DVDWinX DVD Ripper also allows us to do it, an all-inclusive image and original layout available on DVD. One option available with this app is to convert video to MKV format, format without loss of quality and that we can add to all audio and video tracks on DVD.

Decrease DVD size

If we do not want our NAS, cloud storage service or external hard drive fill quickly And the quality of the video is not important (because we will reprint it on a reduced-resolution screen), with WinX DVD Ripper we can convert both pre-ISO image and DVD (around 6-8 GB size) to the resulting MP4 H.264 format file size between 700 and 1 GB in average quality.

Convert DVD to digital in minutes

If the collection of DVDs we have is too large, we may not be encouraged to convert it to digital format because of the high time required for each conversion. That's because you haven't tried the WinX DVD Ripper, the app for you reduces the hour and a half of the movie process to 5 minutes approx.

This is possible because this application not only makes use of a computer, but also, and supported by our device drawings. This way, the whole team comes in working to change the situation we have chosen in the best possible time, allowing us to streamline the process

How to watch an old DVD on iPhone

All of this is okay, but as the saying goes For example, a button. The best way to understand how easy it is to convert a DVD to any other format, below shows you the process that should be done Convert DVD to format that we can play on iPhone or iPad.

  • Once we have inserted the DVD into our machines, click Disk so that the application automatically uploads all the content.

  • Next, a window will be displayed in various ways we can change the content. Like ours is the iPhone, we have to choose Apple device> Video iPhone.
  • Finally, you should select the iPhone model where we will play content and finally click on RUN to start the process.

Try the WinX DVD Ripper and participate in a Synology NAS raffle and DVD cabinets …

WinX is available for Windows and Mac. The guys from the WinX DVD Ripper invite us to start on a pile where we can win the NAS from Synology, where we'll be able to save all the files we convert to our DVD collection, 6 showcases to save our collection in physical form. in addition to other gifts.

For this to happen, we just have to access this website and post a picture of that what we plan to do with our set of DVDs. To make matters worse, they allowed us to download a fully functional copy of the WinX DVD Ripper. The only exception is that this copy will not receive updates in the future.

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