Cupertino Company manufactures all (or most) of its products in China, the Asian giant. So much so that on many devices we can get a signature "It's built by Apple in California, which is integrated in China." Not only do they avoid hiding it, but they do encourage it, because it makes no sense that in China the best products of each industry are made, even though some uneducated people want to make us believe that only the best products are made. Either way Foxconn has a platform for its operations in China and the production of Apple products is affected by the coronavirus.

Currently, the crew is in the middle of it Shenzhen They have been informed that they should not return to their jobs:

To protect the health and safety of the whole world, in conjunction with the measures taken by the government, please do not go back to work after New Year's holidays. We'll keep you posted on the news. The company will be responsible for protecting the rights and interests of all its employees.

In theory, within this week the Shenzen factory & # 39; s factory will reopen & # 39 ;, but the Government has rejected the construction by saying Reuters

, the same thing is happening in the industry of Zhengzhou, where only 10% of workers and equipment are employed. This is expected to affect Apple products collected at these workstations, however, although the MWC is just around the corner, these days it's not particularly important for company sales. of Copertino, so the economic impact must be low. In the meantime, the health of workers by the Central Asian Government continues to be employed, a top priority.