Craig Federighi

Introduction of new apple products because this month it was done as in the past what happened at Apple without any official indication, the products were launched directly on the company's website and the media executives (first those closest to Apple) were in charge of publishing and sharing news across the network.

No doubt the new MacBook Air has some great features, the new Mac mini is similar, but the star of this presentation is undoubtedly the IP Pro and its new Magic keyboard. We should even "know" that Apple introduced the new MacBook Air and the new Pro, yes, I personally believe that they are direct competitors at a time when it seems clear that iPads are winning the MacBook game by all means.

But let's set aside the differences or preferences of users when buying one or more devices and watch the video on it Craig Federighi, It shows enough of the new Pro to show its integration with the Magic Keyboard and iPadOS trackpad:

Circle identifier disappears at a time when we stop using it so as not to interfere with our screen and as Federighi himself, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, says:The purpose of the iPad is to create a device that is flexible enough to be what everyone wantsAnd that inspires them to improve the touch functions of the iPad itself and above all to use something that has been requested by many users since the launch of the iPad Pro 2018, the trackpad installation.

Pad Pro Trackpad

The benefits of this pointer are many and we can see that when it passes through the settings or actions menu it is highlighted for viewing and use. Select the text or emotional support we would enjoy on a MacBook Desktop switching, navigation between apps and more are the same now for the iPad thanks to the trackpad. Certainly more than one will introduce this iPad Pro with the keyboard to replace the old MacBook and some won't even think about buying a new MacBook, they will fall right into this iPad Pro with the new keyboard.