AirPods Max

Well, that’s another aspect that many users of the new AirPods Pro ignore and that is that you can adjust the direction in which the Digital Crown adjusts the volume. With this, what is expected is that the user is able to manage the volume of the headset in a more natural way for him

a customization we are going.

In this sense, when we access the AirPods Max settings we will discover some quite interesting ones such as changing the name, enabling or disabling the automatic head detection or the one we will see today which is change direction of rotation for volume control on the crown.

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How to change the direction of rotation on AirPods Max

It may seem complicated to do, but it is the opposite.

  • Enter iPhone settings
  • Click on the Bluetooth option
  • Go to AirPods Max settings by clicking on the “i”
  • Change the direction of rotation to increase the volume by pressing “Digital Crown” and selecting an option

The parameter allows us two configuration options which are: from back to front to increase the volume by turning the digital crown clockwise and vice versa from front to back which allows us to increase the volume by turning the crown counterclockwise.

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In this case, it is important to remember that be on iOS version 14.3 or higher to make this adjustment. The question of adjusting the rotation of the crown to increase or decrease the volume is something that not all users will have to do but it is important to know that it is possible to do it and especially how to do it.