Coronavirus creates good, good and bad news, but what has also revealed is that there are a myriad of hoaxes, stories of attraction and medical issues that we find hard to believe and shared on social media without mercy. . Today we have here the last tangible story surrounding that insect

that locked us up at home. According to other studies, the Apple Watch can detect Coronavirus.

Could the Cupertino smartwatch company work to diagnose this all-powerful old disease?

Stanford University was made to work with a curious experiment that not only selected the Apple Watch for exams but included a much larger amount wearable In this case, scientists believe that by combining the data obtained by the Apple Watch Series 4 Electrocardiogram (ECG) further into whether our respiratory rate can be determined, whether we are infected or not. I am curious, although it is still expensive to believe that this works as a valid "test", especially given the difficulties consumers are experiencing to purchase.

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You can voluntarily participate in the Stanford University (LINK) study and help them gather as much data as possible, any help trying to get to know Coronavirus is better. In the meantime we continue to recommend that you always separate this type of information and do not swear that by wearing an Apple Watch at work you will be able to identify if you have a disease or not. From Actualidad iPhone we recommend following the steps recommended by your governments and the World Health Organization.