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Download MacBook Pro's latest iPhone, iPad or desktop wallpaper



Download MacBook Pro's latest iPhone, iPad or desktop wallpaper

Apple yesterday unveiled the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, though the new model is an update of the previous model with some important new features such as the new Magic keyboard replacing the hated butterfly keyboard. As always happens when Apple launches a new device, it happens with the iPhone SE and IP Pro, this The new iMac comes with a special wallpaper which is not currently available in any update.

Fortunately, there are some great designers who have managed to do this in the background and colleagues at Spazio have published this new domain and you can now download for iPhone, iPad or Mac.

How to download and install this on your iPhone or iPad

The first thing you should know is how download these funds with high quality, to take full advantage of your iPhone's screen resolution. To do this you must follow the simple steps we show you below:

  • Find your favorite domain.
  • On your iPhone press the button below “Download with high quality”
  • Domain will open in the new Safari tab.
  • Now you just have to touch and hold the screen and tap “Add photos”.

Once you've downloaded it you should put it on your iPhone or iPad. To do this there are two options: go to Settings> Wallpaper> Select another background and select the one you downloaded, or go to the Photos app, select the previous wallpaper

Download MacBook Pro wallpaper

Download in high quality | IPhone

Download in high quality | IPad

Download in high quality | The desk

Wallpapers are very downloadable

Having a favorite wallpaper is one of the ways to customize our tool and luckily we already have a very large set of wallpapers. For months we have been sharing wallpapers and this has been the case the most downloaded in recent months:

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