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Download the status of WhatsApp for contacts through this app




The world is the responsibility of WhatsApp They continue to create distinctions, because many users do not see themselves as useful and do not use it as hard, while others use them often. When any of our contacts download the world, we may find it interesting to have it and we want to keep or download it. For this to happen, we have to use applications.

We recently saw how the new Xiaomi browser has already offered this possibility. Even if you don't want to use this browser, we have apps designed to download these states. This is Status Saver status for WhatsApp, allows downloading and retaining these provinces that we see.

Save and download WhatsApp status

The concept behind this app is very simple: download and save those WhatsApp countries favorite. No matter whether the status of the photo or video has been uploaded, the app lets you download both. It also lets you download them with high resolution, for the best quality of files.

The functionality of this application It also proves to be easy and convenient, another factor to consider in this case, is the ability to use it on Android. The interface in the application itself is very simple, has a few features and is divided into several sections that we can pass through, with a separate menu. The most common design is many. The steps to use on our phone are as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Enter the state that interests you.
  3. Then open Saver Status on your phone.
  4. Save the status (be it a photo or video). There are times when it may take a while for the status to be displayed in the app, but it's not uncommon, just install it and it comes out.

If you want to download WhatsApp Saver Status on your phone, the app is already available in the Play Store. When using it, the application does not request any additional permissions, simply accessing the files, which is required in this case. So there is no excuse for this if we have to use it. The app is free, with no ads inside. In addition, it is very light, since it only weighs 1.6 MB. It can be downloaded from this link:





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