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Each Apple share can reach $375 thanks to the iPhone 12



Each Apple share can reach 5 thanks to the iPhone 12

According to Wetbush analyst Daniel Ives, the company may increase its value to $375 per share near the last quarter of the year.

In addition to this scenario in 2020, characterized by a climate of total uncertainty, Water was able to meet the product launch scheduled for the first half of the year. After initial fears about a significant delay in the production of the iPhone 12, all indications are that at least one of the models will be available on the expected date, a situation in which the company will only translate into more profits


Apple could become more important in the coming months

According to a note published in Appleinsider, these opportunities are being offered by several units of the company despite the fact that the disease is present this year. Among these, services emerge as the most efficient sector during COVID-19 blockades. In addition, AirPods have also maintained momentum, with a value of $85 million in sales by 2020

, adding to Apple's portable category along with the “continued success of Apple Watch.

The long-awaited “iPhone 12” line, which is rumored to be integrated with four devices with at least 5G support, may also present a problem with Apple, writes Ives.

Wedbush estimates that there are likely 350 million iPhones in the adjoining refresh window, and we predict that Apple is ready to take advantage of this supercycle. In terms of services with the iPhone, Ives said that Apple could be the first dollar in the world by market valuations, similar to other analysts.

Ives has increased its share price for Apple $ 375, instead of $ 350 a few months ago thanks to Apple's upcoming restructuring of Apple and its hardware ecosystem.

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