eBoy, a bill worthy of the iPod 1

The iPod has revolutionized the world of music players. When miniscule size, ease of use and design made it a band for music-loving players, too The new iBoy from ClassicBot is a charge for such products you are picturing.

First launched on October 23, 2001, Apple described it as "is a basic MP3 player that stores 1,000 quality CD songs on a 184 gram portable device it fits in your pocket with the ease of use that Apple notes and the auto-sync downloads your entire iTunes library to the device and keeps it synced every time you connect it to a Mac ”. These words that are now so common around 19 years ago were a real change that completely changed the MP3 players' market.

Classicbot, which we've already shown you the miniatures of the first Mac and the first Mac, wanted to remember the smallest details of this famous device, and created this ABS white plastic ABS with chrome on the back, just like the original iPod. The steering wheel is spinning and the buttons are clicking, with their sound, and including the touch and buttons of the real iPod. The pieces are moving and solving the puller, so that we can "animate" our iBoy

. Even headphones can place the cable and place it in "iPod" mode without an arm or legs. This doll has no kind of electronic part inside.

Classicbot launched the project on Kickstarter (link) and in about 5 hours they've already found the purpose of making it go, so it's definitely something anyone who participates in will get their own little Boy. For € 41 (shipping to Spain included) you can get your Boy. I've requested mine, less than a month left so you can order yours. Shipping will be done in November of this year.