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EP-N5, AUKEY’s new bet in the wireless field



EP-N5, AUKEY’s new bet in the wireless field

The EP-N5 headphones are the latest owners of AUKEY wireless Bluetooth. With careful design, good self-control and an effective audio cancellation mode, these spies are very well protected from performance compared to other methods at the same price level.

Design: elegant and functional

In terms of design the N5 case is very similar to the EP-T25 we saw a bit last week. A Matte black charging case with USB-C connector and four LED indicators case. For the most part, it has a long carrying head, which is much more comfortable in the hands, probably higher than the T25.

As soon as we open the case we find both particles legally bound in their charging positions. As can be seen from the picture they have high-end design that puts a microphone under the earphone “leg”. IPX5-certified headware makes it impervious to sweat and light rain.

The comfort of the headphones is a personal matter, but according to my tests, the middle ear pads, the headphones fit snugly in the ear, thanks to its minimum 10 grams of weight stay in place even if we make pronounced movements

like running. AUKEY also offers small pairs and other large pads, which we can replace.

Performance: Audio cancellation up to 35 hours of battery

Communication and use of headphones is, within a Bluetooth device object that allows, easy and intuitive. As soon as we open the box for the first time with both headings out of it, we go into connection mode. At this time we can use the menu Bluetooth on our iPhone, iPad or Mac to connect headphones. When connected, every time we open the box they will automatically connect to the device and each time we keep and close the lid they will break.

The N5, unlike the T25, has an effective audio cancellation that, according to the manufacturer, reaches 28 dB. In most cases these 28 decibels will allow us to focus more on the music playing, although in noisy environments we do not expect that level of headband cancellation to work.

Without sound cancellation, the fact is that the sound quality is more than satisfactory, for some beautiful matching bass headphones size. The microphone, which attaches to each earpiece, gives us excellent call quality.

AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones 5 with Active Noise cancellation, 4 Microphones, 35 hours and fast charging USB-C, IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Headphones for iPhone and Android

The N5 case quickly charges with a USB-C connector and we can charge its battery for more than two hours. Without active audio cancellation both of these heads offer approximately seven hours of play on one charge, a time limit of 32 hours, that is, four full cases, when we charge them. With active audio cancellation, the time is reduced to more than four hours per case, a duration of 18 hours.

Each head has its own touch pad so we can control playback or call Siri by touch.

  • By tapping on one of the headsets we pause or resume playing.
  • With one or two long taps on the right hand object, we will activate (single beep) or use (double beep) audio cancel mode.
  • With two touches we can jump to the next song, if we give them the right call, or the last one, if we give them the left.
  • By tapping when we hear the ringtone we will answer and, with another touch, this in a few seconds, we will finish it.
  • With three taps we call them Siri.

With EP-N5s, AUKEY continues to complete its wireless audio offerings. From the T25, wireless headphones impress for only 26 euros to the current N5 we want the smallest of our headphones.

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