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Epic Games is trying to expand its legal battle against Apple to other countries outside of the United States and, at the moment, it looks like it is not on the right foot, since the lawsuit it filed earlier. this year in the UK was rejected by the judge.

The lawsuit brought by Epic Games against Apple in the UK was aimed at expanding its battle against Apple beyond US borders. However, the judge in charge of the case says it could not be carried out in the country because Apple’s headquarters are not in the UK


According to the judge, Apple Inc. is based in the United States. Apple Ltd, is actually an English company and a subsidiary of Apple Inc., so it cannot take legal action against Apple Inc. in the UK as it is located outside the jurisdiction of the UK court.

Epic Games has alleged in its lawsuit that Apple and Google’s practices in their app stores constitute an abuse of dominance and violate UK competition laws, eliminate competition in app distribution and payment processes


The creator of Fortnite is not looking for financial compensation, he is only looking for fair access and competition that benefits consumers. A few weeks ago, Epic filed the same lawsuit against Apple and Google before the European Union with the same arguments.

The European Union’s competition tribunal has fined Google several times for monopoly concerns, so it’s likely that Apple doesn’t have everything to win when from Europe, they start to investigate this matter.