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Epic Games seeks to “hire” other developers in a collaborative effort that can be considered a supplement



Epic Games seeks to “hire” other developers in a collaborative effort that can be considered a supplement

He case Epic Games continues its course. After reading yesterday that Apple is closing the company's developer account, we now see some movement behind the scenes. Specifically, that Epic Games seeks to create a pre-existing opposite of the App Store, hiring other developers. Something that could cause some additional legal issues, because we will be talking about a possible criminal case.

A typical front end that can be considered competitive

Epic Games reunion

In recent weeks, even before a controversial decision was made about Epic Games, the company contacted other executives in the technology sector. According to The Information (via MacRumors), Epic Games aspires to create a more original corporate front critics of the App Store app.

Among these companies will be Sotify, which has finally decided not to join the effort. Although the Swedes publicly support the Epic Games with a statement released by Peter Kafka

, Record journalist. The publication suggests that the video game developer may find it difficult to find companies. While some agree with the goal, they are concerned that their efforts are being recognized as a free contest attack by the managers.

This attempt to merge multiple companies before simultaneously to force Apple has been seen as a merger

This is what is called collusion, in which two or more companies agree against a third party using deceptive methods. That seems to be the secret word It wants to make a profit in the market wrong. The most common types of cohesion are price agreement and market distribution, either by features or by location. It is considered an illegal practice against free competition.

The epic silence of Epic games in the face of strict video control over their crusade against the App Store

Clearly, the situation is far from over for Epic games. Cancel in-app purchases to enter your location with your system at Fortnite knowing it violates the rules of the App Store, and comply with it a campaign for strong public relations, did not have the expected effect. Apple removed the app from its store, followed by a lawsuit from an engineer. And yesterday we saw how the situation has escalated and in the withdrawal of the Epic Games account for distribution in stores.

After all, it is a situation that can only be resolved in two ways: it could be Epic games that take the store's rules and even the case will drag on the court indefinitely.

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