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The popular HomeKit accessory maker Standby, has just announced that its application is switching from iPhones and iPads to the new Apple Silicon Macs. Take advantage of the M1’s compatibility with iOS and iPadOS applications and now have its new version suitable for new Macs.

This is a clear example of the relationship between all Apple ARM processors

. Another advantage that is added to the high performance already known and the low consumption of the new M1 processor.

From now on, if you have a HomeKit Eve camera, you can see what it captures on your Mac. Of course, this must be one of the news Apple silicon. Thanks to a new update just released, the HomeKit app from home automation accessory maker Eve can now run on Macs with an M1 processor.

With this app you can see your home, create scenes and control accessories right from an Apple Silicon Mac. Apple prohibits the addition of accessories on the Mac, but otherwise the software works exactly the same as on iOS or iPadOS.

Standby 5 It received a number of visual enhancements, such as support for the iPhone 12 line of screen resolutions, a native sidebar for iPad and Mac, and an app icon option in mode. dark.

This new version also brings a series of props control improvements existing Eve programs, such as schedule support with the Eve light strip, refinement of secondary information display for Eve Degree and Eve Room, and enhancements to the Eve Thermo schedule editor.

Eve 5 is now available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Users who are already using it only need update the app to get the new features added today.