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Facebook, Instagram and Disney + are also reducing video quality




In recent weeks we have seen how some of the world's largest broadcasting companies have decided to reduce the quality of their service videos at the request of the European Union.

The reason was already clear, to avoid the collapse of telecommunications networks, in these days facing unprecedented use, due to the increase in the number of incarcerations on the old continent.

FACEBOOK lowers the quality of your videos

The company run by Mark Zuckerbeg assured Reuters that their platforms will use the minimum number of videos they work on. Bitrate is the minute-by-minute space each video sits on.

In this way, the number of applications can be saved, or increased, without satisfying the networks. The price we pay is low display quality.

This change will affect both videos on the social network, Facebook just like those Instagram, and this is important because in this application the highest data usage is part of the videos.

The discount rate will be 25% and will last for 30 days.

Disney + heals to life before it arrives

Another company has announced that it will be lower quality than expected for Disney +, which will arrive in Spain tomorrow the 24th.

There was speculation that the company could delay its arrival as it did in France, where it was launched for two weeks. That was not the case, and the Spanish-based company has assured it that it will reach its intended destination.

Of course, like other companies, it will do so with a low bitrate so we cannot enjoy its content to a high quality until the situation changes. Specifically, there would be a 25% reduction.

Given the state of the alarm, in fact, where we find ourselves, it seems like an acceptable standard.


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