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Facebook is completely changing its composition: all the news



"New Facebook" is already here. For over a year, the company has moved complete conversion of your web version. A change of look, as the company itself explains in its official news blog, is now available to all Facebook users.

This is a new design, known locally as FB5, introduces great technology at the level usability and appearance, including, among other things, a a dark theme, and the speed and robustness of the platform.

A new Facebook design with black heads

All news of the "New Facebook"

One of the aspects that Facebook seems to place more emphasis on developing this new design is search. The company's mission is to assist the users of the platform find what they are looking for quickly, and that is why it is now possible find videos, games or groups from the main social network page, instead of turning to their corresponding menus. According to Facebook, the feature was obtained directly from the mobile app.

Facebook also proudly announces the arrival of this anticipated event a dark theme, available for use menu on the right side of the web, and that allows improve contrast and visibilitywhile reducing thinking and enhancing low learning.

The way they manage pages, groups or events has also been improved, giving managers more control over their institutions, which includes among the possible new options see how the group or page in question will appear when viewed on a mobile device. To do this, you'll need to use the new preview function in real time.

Usually, Facebook's redesign of this by 2020 is a step forward in various ways. The look is much more modern than the previous format, due to the inclusion of features great graphics and media and better organization of menus.

How to apply Facebook's new law

It may be soon, Facebook's new architecture is automatically activated at all times. In the meantime, the process of developing this new social networking program is simple:

  1. Open on your computer

  2. Click the arrow icon in the bottom right corner to open the options menu

  3. Select the option "Switch to new version of Facebook"

  4. If you want, open the same menu and open the "Dark theme" option to change the look of Facebook

That's all. Following these steps, the appearance of the social network will have completely changed. If it does not convince you, it will happen return to the previous style when you access the same menu and click the "Switch to old version of Facebook" option.

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