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Facebook update with multitasking support





Facebook, as a good site for communicating its value and salt, wants its users spend as much time as possible on the app, without leaving it, so that you can target more ads based on the daily data collected by all users of this social network that, without suspecting privacy, continues to do what it wants.

With iOS 9 lots of support, a function that allowed us to open two different applications on the crack screen on our iPad. It took about 5 years on Mark Zuckerberg's social network to use this feature in the iOS app.


With iOS 13, Apple gave developers more freedom by letting them use two windows of the same app with Split View for iPadOS. Now that Apple has expanded the Split View functionality, it seems that since Facebook had no choice but to support this function, we do not know whether it is because of the shame or not to continue to act foolishly for us.

But the curious thing is, that this function has reached the application directly, without this function appear in the application notes. By default, after installing version 269 of the app, the Facebook app already supports not only the function of Split View, but also the function of Slide Over, a function that allows us to quickly switch between open applications in the background.

For now, and perhaps for several years, Facebook will have little intention of adding mouse support, let alone allowing the opportunity to open two windows of the same program, to drag and drop Facebook content into another app … Version number 269 is now available in the App requires iOS 10 or higher.


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