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Five free apps on Google Play to reveal their secrets



Five free apps on Google Play to reveal their secrets

You may have wondered what time it was hardware put your phone down. Know which processor is included, whether ARM, ARM64 or x86, processor model, battery temperature or RAM. Anonymous data by installing an app.

In this case just go shopping through the Google Play Store and we'll see how the app store offers some different options. As a general rule, each one has its own preferences which is why we will list five if the editor's opinion is the most interesting. They are not the only ones to be admired, but they are probably the most representative.



One of the classics that offers an app that lets you know hardware which includes our computer. The U.S. we will only look at mobile phones. AIDA64 becomes the use of Everest and AIDA32 beneficiaries.

The app is over completion and we can download it from the Google Play Store. It is the most complete program you can offer system details, CPU, phone screen … the list is very broad and appears to be divided by tabs to facilitate access to all details.



DevCheck is available in the Google Play Store. An app with beautiful design based on Material Design with it it accesses a very friendly interface. DevCheck is outstanding because it provides real-time information about parts of our phone.

When we install it we do not know the frequency at the operation of each of our CC, CPU and SoC temperature, GPU frequency, battery level, volume and free RAM memory … the list is very wide and the best is that it is another free application.

Details for Droid Hardware

Droid details

Droid Info is an app that we can download from this link in the Google Play Store. It's an application for that provides clear details about hardware and often, mostly hidden inside our phone and in this case the visual interface and that are used. yes, it is not as attractive as other apps on this list.

As long as we open the app again We provide the necessary permissions so that you can access certain information from the camera, we will see how data is organized by tabs such as System, Device, Memory. The system saves the information they produce and in it we also see the section under the name Instruction Sets, allowing you to know the design of the program.



One of the most traditional applications is Castro. An app that gives us detailed information about hardware which includes our phone and also details other interesting details. It means temperature, system details, our networks and we are able to monitor our Android memory (RAM and internal).

The design of the app is very kind, perhaps the biggest difference for all of them from this list, which does not preclude the provision of data in a clear and concise manner. When we open it we will see the normal phone status and when we do it slide On the left side we can pull out the obliion menu and see more details about our different parts. Castro is also a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play.


Cpu Z

Save on CPU-Z, another legendary app on Android. We can download it from Google Play Store for free and it offers perhaps some more intuitive feature than others like Castro. This is reflected in a menu that may be less expensive but equally effective in providing information.

In a sense we get more technical and in-depth information. We can know the speed of each spine, the temperature of different objects, more details about the device, etc. It’s a “pro” point than Castro, to say the least, and it’s a good ending when we try to unlock the secrets of our phone actions.

Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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