With everything that happened in 2020, we still had a controversy around Apple: the new privacy policy. Apple has renewed its policy by giving the user the power to decide which apps should track user information from iDevices. Something good for users but not satisfied with third parties such as Facebook… These have tried to pthe application of the plowing policy by all means

, the last attempt through the competition regulator in France, which declined demand. Read on as we give you all the details of this decision.

“We cannot intervene simply because there may be a negative impact for companies in the Apple ecosystem”Isabelle de Silva, head of the French competition authority, said at a press conference. “At this stage, we did not find any glaring examples of discrimination“. After this statement, from Apple, they commented on the following, “We strongly believe that users’ data belongs to them and that they should control when and with whom this data is shared.”

. This is why France will stop the investigation by not believing that this new policy harms third parties, Apple is blocking it but we can lift the blockade if we need to.

Definitely good news for all users of an Apple device, ultimately regulators agree with Apple on what everything seems to be moving forward so that with the official launch of the next iOS 14.5

let us users decide which apps can track our information and which can’t. eye! know that we have the last wordWe may even be interested in giving that permission to an app, but at least we have to have that power. You too, What do you think of Apple’s new privacy policy? Do you understand the anger of Facebook?